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Chicago, Illinois, United States, North America
401 N Morgan St., 60642

Messy Maker Co., Handcrafted Furniture and Art


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Kyle Morford runs Messy Maker Co., a growing art, furniture and media company focused on up-cycled, reclaimed and restored materials. With over 17 years of experience designing and fabricating robots, sculptures, furniture, and custom pieces, Morford is adept at working with a myriad of of materials including wood, metal, stone, plastic, and electronics. Messy Maker Co. creates and sells hand carved spoons and bowls, cutting and serving boards, tables, art, and blacksmithing objects.

All the designs and materials are inspired by what Kyle finds in the trash, alleys, dumpsters, or in nature. What makes Messy Maker unique from typical furniture makers and creators is his strict devotion to using second-hand materials and giving new life to old things. Kyle has a strong passion for the design and function of each piece and they are all made with love, while keeping items out of the landfill.

Messy Maker is also a learning classroom – a community space for open dialogue, connection, and sharing creative passions and ideas. The creative community built in and around Messy Maker, Co. fosters creative expression through art and making, fixing, reusing, and upcycling. Courses are run at the main workshop or in the field. Students learn how to pick the best materials to suit their creative or project needs, then they use the workshop space to create their up-cycled objects.

Messy Maker provides STEAM education programming for community members, builder workshop series, free classes in the wood shop and metal shop and training or disaster relief first responders.

About Kyle Morford:

Kyle has always made things and as a child, he was encouraged to spend his time outside building tree forts and creating his own universe. Instead of toys under the Christmas tree, Kyle was given tools – when he was young, it was a hammer and a big box of nails; as he got older, the tools became powered and more robust. In high school, Kyle was on the robotics team as the lead builder, and that was the first time he saw long term value in making things. It was also the first time making things was celebrated instead of being just a being a hobby. He has always valued working with his hands and using his imagination to problem solve and has transformed from a kid with a passion into a skilled craftsman that can teach others new skills and learn alongside of them.

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