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SUSU Accessories, Handcrafted Handbags


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SUSU Accessories is a fashion brand whose roots are buried deeply in the ancestral art of the indigenous Wayúu culture, living in the state of La Guajira, Colombia. SUSU handmade bags are the union of avant-garde design from SUSU Accessories with the participation of fashion designer Marine Mercieux, and Wayúu tradition.

Each SUSU bag is handmade with love by a Way?u expert knitter, with a single thread, half point ancient technique of crochet which can take up to 40 hours of work to finish for a standard size one. The single string technique is the oldest and most authentic Way?u knitting style, and this artisanal process produces the most vibrant patterns and highest quality craftsmanship.

What makes them even more special is that EACH SUSU BAG has a different bottom design which is the inspiration of the artisan who made it. Inside your beautiful package you will find your SUSU bag along with the name of your Wayúu knitter and super easy care instructions, including the fact they’re machine washable.

The bags are versatile, chic and original, making them a perfect example of wearable art. SUSU Accessories promotes cultural valorization, knitting together threads to unite communities through sustainable fashion with a Fair Trade philosophy.

The SUSU Accessories mission:

SUSU works with the indigenous women of the ethnic Colombian Wayúu group. Every knitted pattern has a woman, a family and a real-life story behind it. SUSU Accessories promotes a sustainable lifestyle with a Fair Trade philosophy for nearly 350 Wayúu knitters and their families, while forging strong bonds in the communities where they work. They promote and innovate Ancestral Techniques based on a Fair Trade philosophy, channeling them into the luxury lifestyle.

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