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Melbourne, Australia
322-326 Coventry Street, 3204

Atypic Chocolate, Bean-to-Bar Artisan Chocolate


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Atypic Chocolate is the Market’s bean-to-bar chocolaterie, crafting single-origin small batch chocolate. Trading since 2017.

French trained pastry chef-turned-chocolatier Charles Lemai was travelling in Vietnam in 2016 when he met an artisan chocolate maker. He discovered the bean-to-bar chocolate process and chocolate is now his passion.

The cacao bean comes from the fruit of the cacao tree. Bean-to-bar means the whole process, from the grinding of the cacao bean to the tempering and moulding, is done onsite. Chocolate takes centre stage here and the design of the stall creates a deeper sense of appreciation for the process of chocolate making. Visitors can watch chocolate production on a micro level, with roasting, conching and tempering happening before their very eyes.

Atypic Chocolate offers delicious hand made chocolate, desserts, treats, gifts and specialty chocolate items. The range of products includes artisan chocolate in tablets and bars (dark and milk), chocolate pastries, brownies, cookies and merveilleux (mounds of crisp meringue covered in whipped cream). Decadent, European-style hot chocolate is on tap, with chocolate soft serve coming in the warmer months.

Charles sources his beans from small farms in the Solomon Islands, Haiti, Brazil and Madagascar, and he will be experimenting with many textures and unique flavours. The sweet smell of chocolate being made onsite is very hard to resist.

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