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Naperville, Illinois, United States, North America
1552 Killdeer Drive, 60565

Valerie Lorimer Contemporary Arts


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Valerie Lorimer Contemporary Arts creates whimsical, spiritual, feel good art for the soul, offered on note cards, journals, art prints, home decor items and unique gifts in every price range. Her artwork on artist paper and panel using a combination of ink, graphite, pastel, paint markers, colored pencil, pastels, acrylics, and illustrator markers.

Her inspiration comes from nature, architecture, music, theater. Valerie believes inspiration is everywhere if your eyes and ears are open. She loves traveling to new places and seeing how it unfolds and reflects in her Valerie Lorimer Contemporary Arts work.

Creativity is what fuels her heart and soul, it is, in a sense, spirit and energy. Valerie cannot imagine a day when she wakes up and doesn't have the freedom to create. Believing that a piece of art should take you down a path, a path that always means different things for each person – she find it great fun to start a piece and see where it will lead. Art is what your soul tells you it is.

About Valerie:

Award-winning artist Valerie Lorimer is from Naperville, IL. She has been involved with the arts all her life, and her journey has led her to discover that painting and drawing are her true passions. Valerie has received numerous awards and her artwork has been featured in publications, on book covers, and has several pieces featured in the Marriott Naperville. Valerie states, “Creativity is what fuels my heart and soul. I cannot imagine a day where I don’t have a chance to experience the creative process.”

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