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Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe
Balsha str., 38B, Ivan Vazov, 1408

Hrancoop, Pure Food Solidarity Cooperative


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Hrancoop works to restore confidence in Bulgarian small producers of pure and traditional food. They works with producers, who understands the importance of pure grown and nurturing nature and a sustainable lifestyle.

A public organization joins several regional cooperatives.

Hrancoop Plovdiv

The food cooperative in Plovdiv appeared at the end of 2010 by farmer Atanas Topalov and the team of Pavlov Biofarm. The group consisted of about 90 members, but only 10 of them made purchases. After the first year, the entrepreneur, the owner of a beekeeping store in Plovdiv, joined the cooperative, offering and coordinating delivery. They were no longer sent to the address, but were received from the store. Orders were still coordinated through the Google spreadsheet, but the Facebook group Organic Fruits and Vegetables for Plovdiv was already created, which played a key role in promoting the cooperative, attracting new producers and consumers. Soon, however, the private business of the entrepreneur shifted public interest, and for a long time the cooperative functioned as a store. This influenced the culture of consumption among those who are looking for clean local food in Plovdiv, and the understanding of the essence of food cooperatives.

In the spring of 2013, a new group of activists for food independence created a second cooperative - Hrancoop Plovdiv and a Facebook page for this. In order to provide wider consumer access to local eco-and bio-farms and to provide better control over the food products offered, the cooperative opened a farmer's market in Plovdiv.

Hrancoop Burgas is an informal Facebook group that aims at easy access to clean food. On August 3, 2014, as a natural continuation of the initiative in Facebook, with the help of their colleagues from Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv, as well as the support of the Municipality of Burgas, they organized the first Farmer's Market - every Sunday, at Slaveykovo Market.

Hrancoop Varna also is an informal group for the supply of clean food. All manufacturers freely present their products. They set their own prices. Each user / candidate user has the right to visit the place where they are grown, prepare the products and to taste for free, to be shown what events are used to grow the products, etc. Hrankoop Varna organizes monthly Bazaars, Tastings of the products presented there.

The creation of the United Food Cooperative in Veliko Tarnovo was in 2014 when, after the first action in which tomatoes were sold, at prices below market prices and with high product quality, they realized that it's the right way. In less than two days, 40 pounds were ordered. The participants shared that the tomatoes are really nice and ready to be taken a second time. Naturally, it was the first step we made difficult, but still managed. The main purpose of this type of cooperative is to eliminate resellers who buy products from low-cost producers and then sell it several times more expensive. From this, both manufacturers and the average consumer lose. The only way to deal with this is to buy directly from the manufacturers, ie. both sides will be pleased because we will be consuming good products that will be at lower prices, so we will not harm the producers. It is not offered in original bottles of hard alcohol or if a user chooses to do so, it is appropriate to indulge in personal messages and take responsibility for it. We know that we cannot completely eliminate resellers, but the food cooperative is an ideal example of mutual respect and solidarity between people. In countries such as Greece and Spain, where the crisis is destroying thousands, this type of merger is gaining popularity. They also hopes that in Bulgaria food cooperatives will gain popularity.

Hrancoop Sofia is an informal group of people who are looking for clean food. The main activity of the group is direct contact and dialogue with producers of organic, organic and organic (abbreviated BEO) food products. We jump over a speculative network of resellers and encourage local manufacturers directly. Our goal is NOT to squeeze out excessive discounts through group purchases to people who grow our food - on the contrary. Manufacturers determine the price at which we work with them - most often the real market value. We try to help group members in choosing clean products, and also to tell everyone about the true value of good, reasonably grown food and a social assistance system. The group is based on trust, therefore, the recommendation of this member is necessary to join the new one.

The solidarity cooperative "The Clean Food"

Hrancoop Stara Zagora

Hrancoop News



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