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Bath, United Kingdom, Europe
Park Farm, Kelston, Bath, BA1 9AQ, BA1 9AQ

Bath Soft Cheese Co.


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Park Farm in Kelston is home to an array of award-winning organic cheeses, including the famous Bath Soft Cheese and Wyfe of Bath Cheese.

There is an old farming saying, “Look after your cows and your cows will look after you.” It goes to the heart of what happens here at Park Farm. We take a traditional approach both to how we raise and graze our small herd of 160 mainly Holstein Friesian cows and to our artisan, handmade, hands-on cheesemaking.

We are entirely organic and are registered with Organic Farmers and Growers – so that means no fungicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers are used on our land. Instead we use manure and organic compost: the environment, the land and the waterways remain uncontaminated. Our milk and cheese is produced in a way that protects our natural world and lets every farm animal feel the sun on its back.

Of course, we do not avoid technology if it will contribute to our animals’ welfare or will improve the quality of our cheese. We have a brand new milking parlour that allows our cows to produce one million litres of milk per year. Around 60% of this is turned into cheese in our state-of-the-art cheese facility, while the rest goes to another cheesemaker who uses it to make organic cheddar or to another producer who makes our delicious ice-cream.

We also welcome educational visits from schools.

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