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Tempus Charcuterie


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Meticulously spiced, award-winning charcuterie made from single breed pigs and ex-dairy cattle. A delicious joint venture between Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker.

Tempus have a very simple philosophy: in order to make great charcuterie, you have to start with great pigs. We are very proud to have worked with the Founders from an idea, through branding and range to now exclusively distributing their produce to our client base.

Tom Whitaker and Dhruv Baker spent a number of years curing a range of British heritage breeds to make their charcuterie and from that, selected the Large Black as their pig of choice. The pork from the Large Black has a wonderful depth of flavour and the optimal ratio of lean to fat to create exceptional charcuterie.

Tempus work closely with a small number of highly specialised and passionate farmers to ensure that they have a sustainable supply of these amazing animals raised to the very highest welfare standards. They also take the animals at a much larger size than standard, commercially farmed pigs (better flavour and a denser layer of fat which is preferable for their style of charcuterie) so the farmers have an even greater responsibility as they are caring for the pigs for longer.

The results, we believe, are well worth all the extra care, attention and effort from everyone involved.

Tempus are a SALSA accredited producer.



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