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Ta'if, Saudi Arabia, Western Asia
5314 - حي الهدا - 7296، , 26795

Al Hada Seasonal Fruits Market


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Ta’if is a city in Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia and the center of an agricultural area known for its grapes, pomegranate, figs, roses and honey. All this is presented in abundance at the local wholesale fruit and vegetable market, from where all this transported across Saudi Arabia.

The region supplies more than 20,000 tons of grapes of different varieties across the Saudi Kingdom.

Also Al-Baha and Taif are both well-known for farming pomegranate, but Taif’s pomegranate supply remains the most popular worldwide. The valleys of Hada, Shifa, Wadi Moharram and Bani Malik in Taif are known for harvesting quality pomegranate. Trucks transport the seasonal fruit to Jeddah, Riyadh and other cities in Kingdom on a daily basis.

Authorities from the Ministry of Agriculture regularly check up on produce and advise farmers on methods for growing the fruit. It also monitors the use of pesticides in the farms.

Ta'if cultivates the famous Wardh Taifi rose, it brings more income than grapes, pomegranate or crops growing. Rose essence and rose water are produced in the city, and each year the municipality and the Saudi Commission on Tourism and Antiquities organizes a rose festival, invites local and foreign tourists. Despite difficult conditions, such as a lack of water and workers during the rose growing season, Ta'if has 750 plantations with about 233 million roses and provide raw materials for 34 plants for the production of rose oil and rose essence.

Apart from its enchanting roses, Taif ( Makkah Region ) is famous for natural honey. The honey produced in the region is considered one of the best varieties in the Kingdom. The honey is harvested in abundance after the rainy season when farms and hills have plenty of flower bearing trees and plants. Agriculturist bring in their product in every morning for auction at the market. “Wild honey from trees on high mountains is white, while the honey produced in plains is brownish,” Honey is harvested both in summer and winter seasons in large quantities. He added that in winter, the main source of honey is plant flowers.

All this and much more is the assortment of wholesale market.



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