1. Items, placed with violations of the Terms & Conditions of AllBazars.com
  2. Objects and materials, the sales of which violates authorship and/or associated rights of third parties, trademark or service-mark rights, patents or know-how.
  3. Stolen objects.
  4. Forgeries, which are a manifestation of parasitism of another's results of intellectual activity (creative labor) and illegal duplicate copies of goods (for example, knock-off watches, bags, etc.), violating another person's rights.
  5. Illegal copies of printed, audio and video productions (for example, copies of books, software, films or TV programs).
  6. Weapons, ammunition, explosive substances, poisonous and chemical substances. Various types of cold steel arms, the circulation of which is forbidden by international legislation.
  7. Narcotics and psychotropic substance, items of narcotics production. As well as products or any other items, rendering or guaranteeing health-related effects.
  8. Medical, cosmetological, and hairdressing services.
  9. Any pornographic materials: printed pornography, pornographic video-recordings, children's erotica. Sex toys.
  10. Sex services, escort services, online dating, massage services and any other services, implying physical contact.
  11. Secondhand undergarments (underpants, women's and children's underwear, diapers, etc.).
  12. Extremist and offensive materials, materials, demonstrating violence and cruelty. Goods, promoting racial, religious, ethical hate or enmity. Goods with fascist/nationalist symbols.
  13. Any gift certificates, discount cards and coupons for purchase.
  14. Equipment and other devices for surveillance, equipment designed for the surreptitious obtaining of information (listening devices).
  15. Any other goods, circulation of which is prohibited by international legislation, as well as any objects and services, not corresponding with the general principles of public order and morality.

What to do, if you notice goods from this list or Items, placed with violation of the general Terms & Conditions on AllBazars.com?

Report this to the Administrator, using the button 'Report Abuse', located in the right column on the page of each good. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!