These requirements also cover all public and generally accessible sections of (reviews, Wishmaker, Items in Catalogue, profiles) and all kinds of information (text, graphic images, photographs, audio, video), which are not part of the Terms & Conditions. Every section of can have its own additional requirements for the placed information.

There are two definitions (conceptual directives), which reflect the mission of Benefit and Goodwill. exists for exchange of useful information between users, mutual assistance and benevolent communication.

Unethical and forbidden styles of communication

- rudeness, discourtesy, aggression towards site users and third parties;
- malicious mockery and provocations;
- explicit language (swearing) in any form, even in disguised form;
- prejudice against and labeling of opponents (you are a 'nerd');
- transition to the discussion of personalities within discussions (including remarks, containing text similar to 'I do not want to get personal, but...', 'Do not take this as disrespect, but...');
- citation and discussion of private correspondence;
- use of offensive language and expressions of any nature, in relation to participants of a discussion;
- public conduct of private correspondence (there are personal messages for this);
- placement of messages in sections and headings, not corresponding with their subject;
- placement of short, non-informative, meaningless messages (for example, containing only a link and short text 'See details here'); photographs and videos must be placed in the message wholly, not in the form of links. Users must have the possibility to see all information, which you want to communicate to them, on the page of the message, without additional clicks on links to third party websites.

- flaming


Forbidden topics and discussions

1. Discussion of personal conflicts with other users. Provoking and offending other users of discussions, public personal arguments with other users. Creation of disrespectful commentaries, and thus messages with accusations directed against other users. All conflicts are resolved only through private correspondence.
2. Plagiarism. This includes the creation of ambiguous topics of the type: 'what do you think – this Item is plagiarism or not', 'someone is using my ideas' and such; provocative and offending other users discussions on the topic of plagiarism. Creation of disrespectful commentaries, and thus messages with accusations of plagiarism against other Sellers. If there is a specific problem regarding the authorship of specific Item with specific Seller, one should use personal email for resolution of such disputable situations.
3. Political, religious, racial topics and any propaganda. Publication of pornographic materials.
4. Any Spam or advertisements (regarding advertisements – detailed description is given below). Conducting of mass mailings is forbidden by the Terms & Conditions for all site users.
5. Discussions of moderating, administering, other actions of the Administration and functioning of In most cases, the Administration does not have the possibility to answer all questions and publish commentaries. Use only the contact form to contact the Administration regarding help and support. If something does not work – we will gladly fix it.
6. Discussion of topics and messages, closed/deleted by moderators or the Administration.
7. Discussion on the functioning of third party sites.

What can be advertised

a) place information freely about online-shops in the catalogue of shops of goods and publish any information within your own online-shop about discounts, sales promotions and new products. The online-shop must be an independent site (and not part of some third party Portal), placed at the domain name of second level of the Administration and work with independent software (also independent from the software package of;
b) advertisements with permission of the Administration.

What is forbidden to advertise a) Placement of information about third parties in explicit or implied form anywhere (advertising of any websites). Placement of announcements of sales and any other promotions, which do not have direct relation to shop of the Seller on (for example, sales on own personal site or in an off-line shop) in explicit or implied form;
b) Advertising of Items anywhere on the website except the Seller’s shop;
c) Advertisement of any other places of sales of items, services, materials – websites, shops, studios, workshops, etc.;
d) Placement of any commercial announcement, except for existing special topical sections of, including announcements about the sale, acceptance of Items for sale by an intermediaries and legal entities, announcements about employment opportunities;
e) any other advertisements.

Measures aimed at restoring order Maintaining order is the responsibility of the moderators and administrators. Any user may inform moderators and administrators about violations of these Terms & Conditions. Topics and commentaries, violating these Terms & Conditions, are deleted. Such topics and commentaries can be deleted before they are published (in preliminarily moderated sections) as well as after publication at any moment in time. Users, violating Terms & Conditions:
- are warned (in most cases upon first violation);
- are temporarily limited in accessing and/or several services of (in case of repeated and gross violations);
- are forever limited in accessing and/or several services of (in case of regular and especially impudent and malicious violations).

 Style of forming commentaries that is not acceptable

- off-topic. If you have an off-topic question, create a new topic and ask your question. Thus, you will receive the right answer quicker and will relieve others from reading excessive information;
- use of CAPSLOCK (UPPERCASE); your conversation partners may fall under the impression, that you are shouting at them. If you want to highlight a word – please use bold or italics;
- using many emoticons, colored text makes reading and comprehension of your text very difficult;
- topics consisting of only reference links as well as the placement of reference links that take up the entire width of the screen;
- slang and perversions of the English language;
- violations of norms and rules of the English language, including ignoring punctuation marks, making it difficult to understand your writing. If you are not sure about correct way of writing your words or sentences, please use the grammar and spelling check services;
- non-informative commentaries (for example, containing only emoticons);
- creation of similar topics and messages in different sections of the Catalogue;
- creation of topics with questions, answers to which are placed in the Help & Information;
- creation of topics, which were repeatedly discussed before.
What harm does a violation of communications ethics entail?

Rude behavior: - Offends other participants, thus discouraging them from writing anything;
- Aggravates other participants, leads to contentious disputes, provokes them to reciprocal rudeness and aggression;
- Forces opponents to act on the defensive, which often leads to complete antagonism towards other opinions and hinders the formation of a consensus;
- Undermines trust in good intentions and thus hinders resolution of conflicts and possible potential disputes;
- Results in factual waste of efforts on squabbles, not on resolution of issues;
- Leads to loss of understanding of the objective, for which people are participating in the network community;
- Turns into an uncomfortable and unfriendly environment, turning away benevolent participants.


The Administration provides support, helps and responds to questions of users only through the contact form or special topical email boxes.

In most cases, the Administration does not have the possibility to answer all questions and publish commentaries. Announcements and news, placed by the Administration and being of an informative nature, are closed to commenting. If the Administration wishes to discuss any question with a user, it explicitly communicates this in the text of the article.

Other provisions Any information, published by the user, reflects exclusively their own opinion and may not coincide with the opinion of the Administration. The Administration does not bear any liability for such information.
Placement of such information in any section of with general access implies the consent of the user with these Terms & Conditions and the necessity of their observation. We draw your attention to the fact that some parts of the Content, after its placement by Users on are not deleted by the Administration. However, Content violating the Terms & Conditions can be concealed or deleted by the Administration in accordance with Paragraph 6.4. of the Terms & Conditions without any notification.
The Administration reserves the right to publish or not to publish any message, added by a user, move it under other heading, make any modifications at any time at its own discretion. Articles and Tutorials, placed in headings, are not deleted, they are kept on the portal permanently.